Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

You know that kind of wrapping paper that's just so pretty you don't want to tear it when opening gifts? The kind you want to save and use for something else? That's this custom ombre gift wrapping paper. And as our gift to you, Pretty Life Girls are gonna show you how to make your own using COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint. You're welcome. 

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (colors shown are Speeding Ticket and Cash)

- Plain white wrapping paper

- Plastic covering (or heavy paper or cardboard)

- Ribbon

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

Lay out your protective plastic or cardboard with your supplies. You're going to need some space so you'll want to do this project outside or in a well-ventilated area. Determine the sizes of paper sections you'll need (it helps to know what gifts you are wrapping beforehand if possible).

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

To create ombre effects, spray a light coat of color onto paper and let dry, then spray another layer of color in sections as shown, so that some sections are darker than the others. Let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

Repeat for other colors.

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

When your wrapping paper is dry, it's time to wrap presents! 

COLORSHOT Custom Ombre Gift Wrap

Add ribbon for gifts that stand out under the tree! Don't you want to open these (carefully)?!

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Speeding Ticket (Dark Red)

Life in the fast lane.

Cash (Green)

Color that's so money.