Dressing Room Decorative Tray

COLORSHOT Decorative Tray

Trays are functional for all sorts of things, but we're especially fond of decorative trays because A) they're pretty, and B) they can still be put to work while looking fabulous. We decided a decorative tray would be perfect for our dressing room makeover, but of course we wanted it to match our color scheme, because why would we not want it to match? So obviously we busted out a shimmery metallic spray paint from COLORSHOT and with a few quick coats, we took this tray from basic to beautiful.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Smolder)

- Decorative tray

- Painter's tape

- Thick paper or plastic to cover tray base

- Protective plastic covering for work surface 

COLORSHOT Dressing Room Decorative Tray

Make sure your tray is clean and free of any dust. If there are parts of the tray that you do not want painted, remove if you can, or cover with painter's tape and heavy paper or plastic if needed.

COLORSHOT Dressing Room Decorative Tray

Spray several light coats of Smolder metallic spray paint (or desired color) onto the tray, letting dry between coats. Once you are happy with the coverage, remove the tape/paper and let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Dressing Room Decorative Tray

Now your decorative tray is even fancier with a new metallic finish! Put it to work in your dressing room by using it to display some of your favorite things.

COLORSHOT Dressing Room Decorative Tray

If you're looking for us later, or ever, we can be found sitting pretty in this room.

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Smolder (Black Metallic)

Seriously smoky color.