Easy Painted Sign DIY


Whether you're a boss at work, at home, or just in your mind, proclaiming it to the world is never a bad idea. Especially if you do it in bold color. And how might one go about proclaiming to the world that one is a boss? Well, a bright sign that says "boss" is a great place to start. Hop online, search and add a boss sign to your cart immediately, then get out a can of COLORSHOT and make magic in mere minutes. Next step: taking over the world.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Cosmo)

- Boss sign (can be made out of plastic, metal, plaster or wood, etc.)

- Protective plastic cover

Easy Painted Sign DIY - before

Make sure your sign is clean and free of any dust. If your sign has a slick surface, it helps to spray with a basecoat of Primer before adding color.

Easy Painted Sign DIY - in progress

Working in a well-ventilated area, spray several light coats of color onto your sign, letting dry between coats. Once you're happy with the coverage, let dry completely.

Easy Painted Sign DIY

Now your sign is ready to grace any space with its bold, beautiful, boss-like presence.

Easy Painted Sign DIY

See how easy it is to get a brand new look when you have COLORSHOT in your corner?!

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Cosmo (Fuchsia)

It's five o'clock somewhere.