Easy Planter Upgrade

Easy Planter Upgrade with COLORSHOT

New year, new goals! Whether it’s working on your dream home or a boss office to stay motivated on your way to the top, get inspired with COLORSHOT. Flip or Flop Vegas Hosts Aubrey and Bristol Marunde show you how you can use COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints to create a more inviting space with just a pop of color.

For this home project, Aubrey and Bristol chose to give simple fiberglass planters from Home Depot a quick and easy makeover with vibrant color that's as pretty as the flowers they display.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint 

- Fiberglass planters

COLORSHOT Easy Planter Upgrade

The planters Aubrey chose were made from fiberglass, but you can just as easily go with stone, ceramic or even plastic when working with COLORSHOT. Make sure your planters are clean and free of any dust before painting.

COLORSHOT Easy Planter Upgrade

Can't decide on which color to use? (We know, COLORSHOT has so many amazing options!) Don't be afraid to swatch colors on the planter so you can see them before making a final decision. You can paint right over the swatches!

COLORSHOT Easy Planter Upgrade

How fabulous do these planters look?! What an easy way to create a welcoming walkway to your front door!

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