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How is COLORSHOT different from other spray paints?

COLORSHOT features an acrylic-based paint formula instead of an alkyd formula like most other spray paints. Alkyd formulas often require toxic drying agents to fully cure, and since COLORSHOT is an acrylic paint formula, it does NOT contain toxic drying agents. It also dries to the touch in just 10 minutes!

Since COLORSHOT is an acrylic spray paint, is it nontoxic?

All spray paints have chemicals – including COLORSHOT. But COLORSHOT is made WITHOUT xylene, benzene and toluene – three of the chemicals found in a lot of spray paints that have the most harmful long-term effects. As with all spray paints, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area while spray painting.

Why is using sugarcane to make the COLORSHOT formula important?

We’re glad you asked! Our propellant is derived from sugarcane, and sugarcane is a sustainable resource, meaning we aren’t using something from the earth that’s not replenishable to make this paint. Note: the COLORSHOT propellant started as sugarcane, but it is now in a chemical form, so it is not safe to ingest.