Halloween Decor DIY: Painted Pumpkins

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Painted Pumpkins

You can't have Halloween without pumpkins! If you're not into the ooey-gooey experience of carving, you can still create some killer pumpkins with spray paint. It's quick, easy, less mess and your pumpkins will last so you can put them out again next season if you so choose. It's a total creative win! All you need for this fun Halloween Decor DIY created by @citygirlmeetsfarmboy is some painter's tape and COLORSHOT for a quick and easy project you can do last minute with fab results.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (Orange Slice and Black Tie Affair used for this project)

- Faux pumpkins (stacked or individual)

- Painter's tape

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Painted Pumpkins

Make sure your pumpkins are clean and free of any dust. Choose your color palette - have fun with it! Use painter's tape to mask off any sections of your pumpkins you do not want painted. For this one, @citygirlmeetsfarmboy went with a striped motif on the bottom pumpkin, so to create this design, run strips of tape vertically and evenly spaced around pumpkin. Cover top portions of pumpkin with plastic and tape to protect from overspray. Spray several light coats of Black Tie Affair over the areas in between vertical tape strips. When you are happy with the coverage, remove tape and let dry.

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Painted Pumpkins

Cover the painted stripe section of the pumpkin with plastic to protect from overspray, as well as the middle section if leaving unpainted like this project. For the top section, spray bursts of Orange Slice and Black Tie Affair around pumpkin and let dry. Finish your pumpkin by tying a big Halloween-colored bow around it!

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Painted Pumpkins

Your porch is ready to be the coolest porch on the block with all of these fun painted Halloween Decor DIYs! Sometimes it pays to wait until the last minute to start decorating.

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Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.

Black Tie Affair (Black)

Add a touch of class.