How To Spray Paint A Mirror

COLORSHOT Spray Paint Mirror

If you've ever purchased a mirror, you know how outrageously expensive they can be. That's why COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint is your new best friend. You can easily spray paint a mirror to give it an entirely new look, so save yourself some expense and revamp one you already have or swooped up on discount at a yard sale or thrift store. We promise, even the most unattractive mirrors can look stunning with a new metallic spray paint job. EASY. AS. PIE. (Actually pie seems hard to make - where did that saying even come from? How about we say: EASY AS USING COLORSHOT. Much better.)

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Bubble Bath)

- Mirror with frame (ours is wood)

- Painter's tape

- Heavy paper

- Protective plastic surface cover

COLORSHOT Spray Paint Mirror

Make sure your mirror frame is clean and free of any dust. If you can't remove the mirror from the frame, you can mask it off using heavy paper and painter's tape.

COLORSHOT Spray Paint Mirror

Spray several light coats of Bubble Bath onto mirror frame, letting dry between coats. Tip: If you are painting a metal frame, try using a basecoat of Primer before adding color. Once you are happy with your coverage, let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Spray Paint Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? COLORSHOT of course!

COLORSHOT Spray Paint Mirror

Call us vain if you want, but we could sit in this room and stare in the mirror all day.

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