How To Use Spray Paint For Your Spring Crafts

How To Use Spray Paint For Your Spring Crafts

Is anyone else getting excited for spring? We’re ready for some extra sunshine and rainbows, so we’re making our own to tide us over til the real deal is in full effect. Most of us have been working on crafts and home décor projects in the past year, so if you have some extra COLORSHOT Spray Paints left over, we have a new spring craft for you! At Charlotte’s House will show you how to use spray paint to brighten things up around your house with this colorful rainbow pottery DIY using thrifted vases.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints in desired colors

- Ceramic vases in various sizes and shapes

- Protective surface cover

- Tools/products to remove labels (if needed)

Before - ceramic vases

This spring craft is the perfect way to upcycle old vases you have stashed in your cabinet, or vases you can find super cheap thrift shopping.

Clean and prep vases

If you picked your vases up in a store, make sure to remove any labels or price stickers and clean the vases to remove dust and prints.

Spray light coats of paint

Working in a well-ventilated area, cover your work surface to protect it, then spray several light coats of paint onto your vases/ceramicware instead of one heavy coat. This will help prevent the paint from dripping or pooling.

Let project dry

Tip: don’t paint the insides of the vases if you plan on using them to display real flowers or plants that need water. Once you’re happy with your spray paint coverage, let everything dry completely.

Colorful vases display

For this spring craft, you’ll want to use lots of bright colors! You can go with a whole spectrum of color or variations of blue, green or any of your favorite shades for a more monochromatic look. Now that you know how to use spray paint on glass & ceramics, get creative and have fun making your own decorative spring arrangement!

Rainbow Spring Crafts Display

You can display your rainbow vases on a shelf like At Charlotte’s House, or fill them with plants and flowers if you’re looking for a vibrant and functional set of vases. What other spring crafts are you making with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints? Share with us on social by tagging us @mycolorshot!