Make Pretty Painted Letters with COLORSHOT Acrylic Paints

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters

We know we're talking about spray paint most days here at COLORSHOT, but today is not that day. So put down your can of Hello Handsome and pick up a bottle of Hello Handsome instead, because today we're talking about COLORSHOT Premium Acrylic Paints. We're not bragging or anything (or maybe we are), but have you tried our acrylic paints yet? Not only are they highly pigmented to stand out on a variety of both light & dark surfaces, they're also mixable to create even MORE colors, they dry to the touch in 30 minutes, AND they complement the entire line of COLORSHOT color products so you always have the perfect color in the formula you need for your DIY projects. If we haven't convinced you yet, maybe our friend Steffi Lynn can! Check out this stunning painted letter artwork she created with COLORSHOT Acrylic Paints; these are just some examples ... to see all letters, check out our Acrylic Paints section!

What you need:

COLORSHOT Premium Acrylic Paints (desired colors)

- Canvas

- Paintbrushes

- Paint palette

- Pencil (optional)

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter J - sketch design with pencil

If you aren't comfortable freehand creating your letter, you can first sketch it out lightly on the canvas with a pencil. Then begin painting with your base color. Because COLORSHOT dries quickly, apply lighter coats at a time, building layers as needed.

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter J - paint design

Let your base accent color dry a bit before adding the main color. If you'll be working accent designs like flowers over the top of your letter, brush the paint around the designs on the letters.

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter J - paint design

Use a detail brush like a liner paintbrush to add in detailed designs, starting with your darkest colors.

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter J - let dry

Use lighter colors to add highlights. Once you're happy with your design, let it dry completely before displaying. COLORSHOT Acrylic Paints dry to the touch in 30 minutes!

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter J

How pretty is this letter J?! And remember, COLORSHOT Acrylic Paints are mixable, so you can create your own custom colors if you don't have the shade you're looking for.

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter N

Here are a few more letters to get you inspired! What letter will you create with COLORSHOT?

COLORSHOT Acrylic Paint Letters - letter L

Try this letter painting technique to make your own monogram, a set of letters for a word, or as a fun gift for friends and family. Get creative with COLORSHOT!