Painted Pink Donut Christmas Tree

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

Part of the fun of prepping for Christmas is getting creative with your decor! As you might have guessed, we love color around the COLORSHOT office, and the holiday season is no exception. Nothing is off limits, including our Christmas trees! This tree combines two of our favorite things: donuts and the color pink. Does it really get much better than that? Start a new holiday tradition with a DIY tree that pops with vibrant color ... we'll show you how easy it is with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint. 

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Primer, Farmer's Daughter, Mermaid & Stiletto)

- Faux Christmas tree

- Plastic or glass ornaments

- Painter's tape

- Donut ornaments

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

If your tree comes with lights attached, first you'll want to tape around all of the bulbs so as not to accidentally coat with spray paint. Spray the tree with a basecoat of Primer and let dry.

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

Once your basecoat is dry, spray several light coats of Farmer's Daughter over the entire tree, letting dry between coats. Once you are happy with the coverage, let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

Remove the hangers from your ornaments and prop them upside down on a tool like a skewer to hold while you spray paint, that way you won't have to touch the ornaments while painting.

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

Spray several light coats of desired spray paint color over the ornaments, letting dry in between coats. Spray the hangers as well if desired. Let everything dry completely before reattaching the hangers.

COLORSHOT Pink Donut Christmas Tree

Don't forget to add your donut ornaments! We don't know about you, but we think this is one of the coolest trees around. Santa's elves have nothin' on your decorating skills! By the way, is anyone else hungry now?

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White Primer (White)

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Farmer's Daughter (Pink)

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Stiletto (Red)

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Mermaid (Teal)

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