Pallet Project Idea: American Flag

COLORSHOT American Flag Pallet Project Idea

Pallets are great for transporting, protecting and storing items, but they also make great tools for creativity too! Case in point: this so fabulous American Flag pallet project idea from one of our very own COLORSHOT team members, Lindsay Sherfy. If you're spending Fourth of July festivities at home this year, give your yard some star-spangled flair with a big patriotic pallet flag that's super easy to make with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints (Stamped Passport, Stiletto, Marshmallow)

- 2 Wood pallets

- Wood stars

- Painter's tape

- Industrial/wood glue

Clean pallets and mask off every other section with tape

This pallet project idea actually requires very few supplies for a piece that makes such an impact. Wipe down your pallets to remove any extra dust or debris, then tape off every other section of each to protect from overspray. Also tape off a square section on the upper left corner (measuring 4 rows) of the pallet where your stars and blue paint will go.

Spray exposed stripe sections with Stiletto (red) spray paint

Spray several light coats of Stiletto onto the exposed panels of the pallet, letting dry between coats. Once you are happy with the coverage, remove the tape from the covered sections (except for the square area). Once the red stripes dry, cover them with tape (or use tape around the edges and sturdy paper like butcher's paper if you're worried about taping over the color).

Spray other stripe sections with Marshmallow (white) spray paint

Repeat spraying the remaining stripe sections with Marshmallow (white) spray paint. Spray your wood stars with Marshmallow as well. Remove the tape from the square section on the left corner (but masking around the square) and spray with several light coats of Stamped Passport. Remove all protective tape/coverings and let dry completely.

Glue stars in place

Once the paint has dried, use your industrial or wood glue to glue your painted stars in place in the blue square section. Let completely dry.

Prop dry pallets up in your yard

When your pallets are dry, it's time to prop them up in your yard! You can display them on their own or as a colorful backdrop for your serving table or seating areas.

Use as a photo backdrop

This American Flag pallet project idea also makes for a fun patriotic photo backdrop!

Pallet Project Idea: American Flag

However you're celebrating Independence Day this year, do it with more flair than fireworks using COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints!