DIY Floral Painting Techniques

COLORSHOT Floral Painting Techniques

If you've spent any amount of time on this website, you've probably figured out we're all about spray paint. (We have an amazing spray paint line, so it's easy to be obsessed.) But in addition to Premium Spray Paint, COLORSHOT also offers Premium Acrylic Paints and Paint Markers designed to beautifully complement our spray paints, so you have the colors you need for your projects, just the way you need them. Even better, you can use COLORSHOT Premium Acrylic Paints and Paint Markers for creating designs that make a statement on your home decor projects (although of course they're fun for crafting too). It's so easy to transform the look of an entire room with COLORSHOT in your hands! Today we're talking florals, because just like the real deal, they brighten up any room with their lovely colors and shapes. And they're easier to paint than you think - no art school training required. Trust us. Read on to check out these DIY floral painting techniques for a mirror, clock, dresser and lampshade; before you know it, you'll be surrounded by a garden of creativity!

What you need:

COLORSHOT Premium Paint Markers (desired colors)

COLORSHOT Premium Acrylic Paints (desired colors)

- Carbon paper

- Tracing paper

- Pencil

- Tape

- Paintbrushes and paint palette

- Chalk

- Floral pattern (if not freehand drawing)

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY

Dress up your dresser in a cascade of flowers that make a stunning statement! Follow these easy techniques for creating your own flower designs using COLORSHOT Acrylic Paints. But first, true to our love of spray painting everything, we started by painting the dresser with Marshmallow for a stunning white base.

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY - transfer design with carbon paper

Tape carbon paper onto your dresser in the sections you want to add the flower designs. Draw or trace your design onto tracing paper, then tape over the carbon paper. Trace over the designs, pressing firmly enough to transfer the designs onto the dresser. 

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY - paint designs

First paint outlines of designs in the colors of your choice.

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY - paint designs

Fill in details with same, lighter or darker swatches of color for shading. Have fun with it, it doesn't have to be perfect!

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY - paint designs

If you're feeling extra creative, you can even add some greenery and extra flowers to your base design.

COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY - paint designs

Work your way as far up the dresser as you would like to go, using a smaller liner brush to add in details over leaves and flowers with darker colors of paint. Once you're happy with your design, let everything dry completely.

COLORSHOT Floral Clock DIY - transfer design onto clock base

Have you ever thought of designing your own clock? It's actually not that hard! You just need a base of your choice and a clock kit to install. For ours, we used a metal round and spray painted it with a basecoat of Marshmallow to match our dresser. After it completely dried, we used the same carbon paper transfer technique used to transfer floral designs onto the dresser.

COLORSHOT Floral Clock DIY - use paint markers to color in designs

COLORSHOT Paint Markers are also fantastically easy to use for coloring in your designs, especially if you're not that fond of using a paintbrush.

COLORSHOT Floral Clock DIY - use paint markers to color in designs

You can color in, shade and add details in pretty much the same way! Once you are happy with your flowers, let dry completely before installing your clock kit in the center of the round.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - transfer design onto mirror

Transferring a design onto a mirror requires a slightly different technique than using carbon transfer paper. Instead, flip your transfer paper design over and trace over the backside with chalk.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - transfer design onto mirror

Once you've traced the backside with chalk, flip the design back over onto the mirror and use a pencil or pen to trace over the design. The pressure from the pencil tip will transfer the chalk underneath onto the mirror.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - add base color

Use the Paint Markers to color in designs with base colors.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - add details

Add highlights with lighter colors and details with darker colors.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - add details

Flip mirror around and repeat design on opposite end. Let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Floral Mirror DIY - paint lampshade

If you love to freehand paint, skip all of the transfer steps and just go for it! Paint yourself a lampshade to match all of your other fantastic floral pieces!

COLORSHOT Floral Lampshade DIY



COLORSHOT Floral Dresser DIY