Repaint a Light Fixture with COLORSHOT Spray Paint

COLORSHOT Repaint a Light Fixture with Spray Paint

Have you run out of things to spray paint in your house at this point? Because we can always give you more ideas! Fixtures tend to be smaller details in our living spaces, but they can make a HUGE difference on the overall impact of a room. Everything from your light fixtures down to your cabinet handles - it all matters! Especially when the fixtures came with your house but they're not totally your style. But that's okay, don't give up your dreams of having beautiful fixtures, because you can easily make them everything you envisioned with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints. We're loving this simple light fixture revamp from @citygirlmeetsfarmboy, who used COLORSHOT to give her bathroom light fixture a whole new life. 

What you need:

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint in desired color + Primer

- Light fixture

- Protective covering for work surface

Light fixture before photo

Here's a before shot of @citygirlmeetsfarmboy before her impactful light fixture upgrade and bathroom revamp. Carefully remove your fixture, as well as the light bulbs, before painting. 

Clean fixture before painting

You'll want to make sure your fixture is clean and free from any dust and debris before you begin painting. As always when working with any spray paint, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area (like outdoors), and cover any work surface you don't want paint on. 

Spray on primer

If your light fixture is made from a shiny metal (as most are), you'll want to basecoat it with Primer. Spray several light coats of COLORSHOT Primer onto the fixture, allowing it to dry between coats. The Primer helps give the spray paint color extra gripping when you're ready to apply it!

Apply spray paint over primer

Once the base is primed, spray several light coats of your chosen COLORSHOT Spray Paint onto the fixture, letting dry between coats. Tip: It's better to spray several light coats instead of one or two heavier coats to help prevent pooling and to create an extra-smooth finish on your fixture. Once you're happy with the coverage, let it dry completely.

Finished repainted light fixture

Once her light fixture completely cured, @citygirlmeetsfarmboy remounted with new sconces for an extra personal touch. Didn't it turn out so amazing?!

Finished repainted light fixture

See how easy it is to make such a big impact in your space with just a few simple changes? Are you feeling inspired to grab a can of COLORSHOT and paint all of the light fixtures in your house right now? Because we totally are. Weekend project here we come!

Get the product for this project

Blackout (Black)

A knockout shade of black.

White Primer (White)

Prep your projects for perfect color.