Silver Accent Table DIY

Silver Accent Table DIY

Side or accent tables deserve love too. Although they're not as big as their coffee table or dining table counterparts, they're still functional and they're also great for adding an extra bit of decorative flair next to your favorite chair. If you've been reading our posts, you know that we're big fans of DIYing on a budget, so if you can find a side table with good bone structure, COLORSHOT can make it the perfect color for your space. See how easy it is to repaint a table with spray paint!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Silver Lining)

- Accent table

- Protective plastic surface cover

Silver Accent Table DIY - before

Make sure the table is clean and free of any dust. If the table is made of a slick material or has a slick paint covering it, you'll want to lightly sand it before painting, or using a basecoat of Primer.

Silver Accent Table DIY - in progress

Spray several light coats of color onto the table versus one heavy coat, letting dry between coats. Add layers of color until you are happy with the result, then let dry completely.

Silver Accent Table DIY

Look at that shiny new table! It looks even better than the original version!

Silver Accent Table DIY

Don't you want to use COLORSHOT to paint everything in your home?!

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Silver Lining (Silver Metallic)

An optimistic upgrade.