Spray Paint

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VIP (Glitter Gold)

Rolling in glitter

Paparazzi (Silver)

Take your shot

Farmer's Daughter (Pink)

As sweet as the girl next door.

Cosmo (Fuchsia)

It's five o'clock somewhere.

Speeding Ticket (Dark Red)

Life in the fast lane.

Stiletto (Red)

If the shoe fits...

Summer Pedicure (Coral)

Kick up your feet.

Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.

Emoji (Yellow)

Show off your sense of humor.

With A Twist (Lime)

A little something extra.

Cash (Green)

Color that's so money.

Island Girl (Mint)

Island state of mind.

Scuba (Marine Blue)

Take me to the sea.

Clear Skies (Light Blue)

Sky color is blue.

Hello Handsome (Royal Blue)

We all need something nice to look at.

Aromatherapy Color (Lavander)

For color that puts you in a zen state of mind.

Center Stage (Purple)

Made for the spotlight.

Vintage Lace (Cream)

Color that never goes out of style.

Brownie Points (Brown)

Sweeten the deal.

Clear Sealer Gloss (Clear)

Shiny gloss finish.

Rainy Day (Light Gray)

Go ahead, dance in puddles.

Shark!!! (Dark Gray)

A fierce shade of gray.

Little Black Dress (Black)

Always in style.

Marshmallow (White)

Add s'more goodness.

Blackout (Black)

A knockout shade of black.

Head In The Clouds (White)

A dreamy state of mind.

White Primer (White)

Prep your projects for perfect color.

Clear Sealer Matte (Clear)

Smooth matte finish.

Cheers (Champagne Metallic)

A toast to your amazing taste.

Lucky Penny (Rose Gold Metallic)

Feels like good fortune.

Bronzer (Brown Metallic)

Sweetly sunkissed.

Designer Sunglasses (Deep Brown Metallic)

A touch of sophistication.

Princess Cut (Nickel Metallic)

The sparkle you've been dreaming of.

Silver Lining (Silver Metallic)

An optimistic upgrade.

Smolder (Black Metallic)

Seriously smoky color.

Heads or Tails (Silver)

Either way you'll win

Wine Stain (Burgundy)

Evidence of a good time.

Kale (Dark Green)

Your daily dose of greens.

Extra Guacamole (Avocado)

Because more is better.

Mermaid (Teal)

Make waves.

Splash (Medium Blue)

A blue to dive into.

Skinny Dip (Beige)

Color that's naturally beautiful.

Let's Get Cozy (Light Gray)

As cozy as your covers.

Black Tie Affair Color (Black)

Add a touch of class.

Sugarcoat It (White)

Sprinkle on the sweetness.