Spray Painted Holiday Letters

COLORSHOT Spray Painted Holiday Letters

Give your space a merry & bright pop of color this Christmas with dimensional letters spelling out your go-to word of the season. Get inspired with this easy tutorial from Jen Bryant Design using COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint and pretty fabric in holiday colors. The result is a letter sign that will add joy where ever it's placed, whether on the fireplace mantle, side table or even as your Christmas dinner centerpiece!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (Silver Lining used here)

- Wood letters

- Fabric in holiday colors

- Marker

- Scissors

- Decoupage glue (we like Collage Pauge)

- Foam brush 

COLORSHOT Spray Painted Holiday Letters

Make sure your letters are wiped down and free of any dust. Spray several light coats of Silver Lining (or desired color) onto letters. You'll be covering the fronts and backs of the letters with fabric, so really focus on the sides of the letters that will be showing. Let dry.

COLORSHOT Spray Painted Holiday Letters

Trace your letters onto the fabric and cut out. Use a foam brush to brush an even layer of decoupage glue onto the surface of each letter and press the matching fabric cutout in place. Brush a layer of glue over the tops of fabrics to seal. Let dry and add ornaments or other embellishments to your letters if desired. And there you have it! Such a fun and easy way to get into the joy of the season! 

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