Spray Painted String Lights

COLORSHOT Lucky Penny Spray Painted String Lights

Because it's generally important for guests to be able to see each other and the food and bevies they are consuming, lights at an evening dinner party are a must. But that doesn't mean they have to be basic or ugly, nor should you resign your fate to having terrible lighting at your party - ambiance is everything, people! Candles (we'll get to those in another post) and string lights are a fab way of adding just the right amount of light around your table, and they can be so pretty too. Take a boring set of string lights and up its it-factor with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint in a color that matches your motif. Now you're one step closer to becoming the party host everyone wants to be.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Lucky Penny)

- String lights

String lights BEFORE.

Remove the bulbs from your string lights and place on a plastic covered work surface to protect from spray paint. 

COLORSHOT Spray Painted String Lights

Spray several light coats of Lucky Penny (or your chosen color) onto the cord and lightbulb connectors until you are happy with the coverage. Let dry in between coats for best results.

COLORSHOT Spray Painted String Lights

Add the lightbulbs to their shiny new cord and flip the switch to light up your party with string lights that are anything but basic.

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Lucky Penny (Rose Gold Metallic)

Feels like good fortune.