Thrift Flip Patio Table with Spray Paint

Thrift Flip Patio Table

It’s officially the season for sitting on your patio enjoying easy-breezy evenings or daytime delights in the sun. Before you order a new table set, put your credit card away and make the patio table you already have – or a thrift shop score – so much more fabulous with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints. Norx in the Know will show you how to thrift flip in time for a good meal with a side of bevvies!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint – color of choice

- Patio table

- Painter’s tape

- Protective plastic to cover work area

Clean table before spray painting

Clean table before spray painting

Make sure your table is clean from any dust and debris before getting started. If there are parts of the table you don’t want to paint, make sure to either remove them or cover them with painter’s tape and plastic if needed.

Spray paint several light coats

Spray paint several light coats

Place the table on large protective plastic and working in a well-ventilated area, spray several light coats of your chosen COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint over the table, letting the paint dry between coats. Once you’re happy with your coverage, let it completely dry and then remove any tape and plastic. You can repeat this process for the chairs, or add totally different chairs to mix things up!

Cheers to your fabulous thrift flip patio table! Can we come over and hang out? What else are you flipping with COLORSHOT Spray Paint? Make sure to tag us on social @mycolorshot and share with us!