Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

COLORSHOT Tiffany Blue Christmas Tree

If you wake up on Christmas morning with a little blue box under your tree, can we come and live with you?! But hey, even if it might not be happening for you (or the rest of us) this year, that doesn't mean you can't have a tree inspired by that iconic shade of teal. All you need is COLORSHOT® Premium Spray Paint in Island Girl, and some cute little DIY gift box ornaments that'll have visions of sugarplums and sparkly things dancing in your head.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Primer, Island Girl, Bubble Bath and Silver Lining)

- Faux Christmas tree

- Tiny gift boxes

- Thin white ribbon (for gift boxes)

- Thick white ribbon (for tree)

- Glass or plastic ornaments

- Snowflake ornaments

- Painter's tape

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

If your tree comes with lights attached, first you'll want to tape around all of the bulbs so as not to accidentally coat with spray paint. Spray the tree with a basecoat of Primer and let dry.

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

Once your basecoat is dry, spray several light coats of Island Girl over the entire tree, letting dry between coats. Once you are happy with the coverage, let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

Make your own gift box ornaments by spray painting gift boxes with Island Girl. Once dry, tie white ribbon around the box and add a hook for hanging on your tree!

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

Spray paint some of your ornaments with shimmery Bubble Bath. First remove the hangers and prop the ornaments on a tool like a skewer to hold while you spray, that way you don't have to touch the ornament and risk messing up the paint. Spray the hangers as well if desired. Once everything is dry, place them back together and hang on your tree.

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

Repeat the process with Silver Lining for some of the other ornaments for an extra sparkly touch!

COLORSHOT Luxurious Turquoise Christmas Tree

Who wouldn't want to wake up to such a beautiful tree on Christmas morning?! Even if you won't be unwrapping a little blue box, we think this Luxurious Turquoise tree is just as fab.

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