Water Marbling With Spray Paint

COLORSHOT Water Marbling with Spray Paint

Water marbling is such a cool technique with seriously one-of-a-kind results. You know where we're going with this right? We decided to try water marbling with COLORSHOT metallic spray paints on some hangers for our glam dressing room and we have to say, we were so happy with the results! What a cool way to add multicolor effects to your around-the-house items for stunning metallic marble effects.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints (we used Primer, Princess Cut, Smoke & Mirrors, Silver Lining)

- Wood hangers

- Bucket with water

- Rubber gloves

COLORSHOT Water Marbling with Spray Paint

Make sure your hangers are clean and free of dust. Spray with a basecoat of Primer and let dry.

COLORSHOT Water Marbling with Spray Paint

Fill your bucket with water and when you're ready to start your water marbling, spray about two "sections" of each metallic spray paint color randomly onto the top of the water. With gloved hands and working fairly quickly, hold the hanger straight up and dip straight down into the water with spray paint. Use your free gloved hand to move the water around then lift the hanger up out of the water. Hang to dry over a covered section to catch any color runoff. Repeat process for each hanger. 

COLORSHOT Water Marbling with Spray Paint

Look at these beautiful marble patterns! We feel like we need (want) to go out and buy new clothes worthy of hanging on them.

COLORSHOT Water Marbling with Spray Paint

This dressing room is OH. SO. GLAM. And it hardly cost anything to revamp thanks to COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints in stunning metallic shades.

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