DIY Giant Yard Games

COLORSHOT DIY Outdoor Party Games

Do you want your house to be the fun house this summer? Of course you do. Up the excitement in your backyard with giant yard games that are BIG in every way, especially the fun factor. From Connect Four and Cornhole to your own giant Jenga®-inspired lawn game, get out the COLORSHOT and get creative for a backyard that's the place to be!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Emoji, Orange Slice, Stiletto, Mermaid, and Black Tie Affair/Little Black Dress)

- Cornhole game set

- Giant Connect Four game set

- Giant Jenga®-inspired game set

- Painter's tape

Giant Painted Jenga Inspired Game

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If you love games that give you a thrill, then you need Jenga® stat. A jumbo Jenga® set is even better (just run and duck for cover when the tower finally falls)! This giant yard game is great for older kids and adults and will put your stacking skills to the test. See how easy it is to add bright colors to your giant Jenga®-inspired set with COLORSHOT for some serious backyard game fun!

Painted Cornhole Outdoor Party Game

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Do you excel at throwing things? (We're not talking about tantrums, although that is also an art form if you ask us.) If so, a Cornhole game set is a MUST for your giant yard games. Sure, you could keep your set basic, but since we know you're not basic, take your Cornhole game to the next level with vibrant color from COLORSHOT. All you need is a large pattern stencil and your favorite spray paint colors.

DIY Connect Four Outdoor Party Game

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Put the smackdown on your kids and friends at your next outdoor party with a jumbo Connect Four set ... this giant yard game is big enough so that everyone in your backyard can see you win from where ever they are hanging out! Grab your masking tape and COLORSHOT and we'll show you how easy it is to create the coolest Connect Four set on the block.

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Emoji (Yellow)

Show off your sense of humor.

Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.

Stiletto (Red)

If the shoe fits...

Mermaid (Teal)

Make waves.

Black Tie Affair Color (Black)

Add a touch of class.

Little Black Dress (Black)

Always in style.