Giant Painted Jenga Inspired Game

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga Inspired Yard Game

Is your house the place to be when it comes to summer fun? If you don't have a pool and your kitchen is loaded with kale and lentils instead of the sweetest snacks money can buy, don't worry, there's still time to put your game face on and win the title of best backyard on the block. For starters, summer games for your backyard are awesome and they're super easy to DIY. This giant Jenga®-Inspired game makes a fun activity for kids, and is also perfect for people of all ages ... we can't help you with cutting the wood (there are so many easy tutorials online though), but we CAN help you EASILY add color with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint so you have the best-looking giant Jenga®-inspired game around. 

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Emoji, Orange Slice, Stiletto, Mermaid, Black Tie Affair)

- 54 Oversized wood pieces (cut to the same size)

- Painter's tape

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

To make your own giant Jenga®-inspired game, first you'll need 54 wood pieces, all cut to the same size. If you're not exactly sure how to do this, there are lots of great tutorials online, or you could just get someone else to do it for you. (We're fans of that idea.) For our set, we chose 5 COLORSHOT spray paint colors because we're all about color. You could absolutely use less colors or more if you're even crazier about color than we are!

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

You'll want to make sure you're in a well-ventilated area when working with any spray paint, so this makes a great outdoor project, especially since you'll need more room when working with oversized game pieces. Lay the wood pieces of your first color in a row on a protected surface and tape all around the edges to hold the pieces together and to mask around the edges.

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

Spray several light coats of your first color onto the tops of wood pieces, letting dry in between coats. When the tops are dry, carefully flip over and repeat on the backside.

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

Another option is to spray the ends of some of the wood pieces like we did, or all of them if you feel like it. Have fun with it! To spray the ends, place the wood pieces vertically together and tape around the sides as shown to keep the sides protected from overspray.

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

Spray several light coats of color until your desired coverage is achieved, letting dry between coats. Let dry and flip over to repeat on other side.

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

Once you've finished spraying, remove tape and let everything dry completely. Repeat for other pieces as desired.

COLORSHOT Giant Jenga-Inspired Game

Now you're ready to crush the competition with your skills. This oversized Jenga®-inspired game is great for barbeques, parties or even just a fun game for kids any day of the week. Let the summer games begin!

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Emoji (Yellow)

Show off your sense of humor.

Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.

Stiletto (Red)

If the shoe fits...

Mermaid (Teal)

Make waves.

Black Tie Affair (Black)

Add a touch of class.