Halloween Decor DIY: Boo Sign

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Boo Sign

If you're like some of us around the COLORSHOT office and still haven't decorated your porch to scare or entice trick-or-treaters in a few weeks (some of us might even have spring & summer decor still up - sigh), don't stress. You can still totally pull together some wickedly awesome last-minute Halloween decor DIYs before the day hits with a little help from COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint in spooky fun colors. This sign for your front door created by our friend @citygirlmeetsfarmboy only requires a few supplies and the result is quite boo-tiful, don't you think? 

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (colors shown here are Designer Sunglasses, Princess Cut, Smoke & Mirrors)

- Wood round

- Wood Halloween shapes (bats, "boo" or other wording, etc.)

- Thick ribbon in Halloween colors

- Wood glue (we like Aleene's® Wood Fusion for indoor/outdoor use)

- Staple gun

- 1/4" tape

- Protective plastic

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Boo Sign

First you'll want to spray paint your individual sign pieces before gluing them all together. For the sign base, @citygirlmeetsfarmboy used Princess Cut. Spray several light coats until you are happy with the coverage, letting dry between coats. Once your basecoat is dry, run a few strips of 1/4" tape along the bottom, about 1/4" apart, then cover the remainder of sign with plastic to protect from overspray. Spray several light coats of Smoke & Mirrors over the sections in between tape strips. Spray bats as well with this same color. Remove tape and let dry.

For the "boo" wording, spray just a light coat of Designer Sunglasses to create more of a rustic effect.

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Boo Sign

Use your heavy-duty glue to glue the pieces in place on your sign to your liking. Allow the sign to dry flat until the glue has set and is completely dry. Tie a big bow with your ribbon and staple or glue in place. Staple each end of a strand of ribbon to the backside of your sign to create a hanger. 

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Boo Sign

Hang your sign and pair with your other Halloween decor DIYs to get your porch ready for some trick-or-treating fun!

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