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How do I prepare my item for spray painting?

To protect the surrounding area from overspray, cover with newspaper, a tarp or drop cloths. Remove any loose paint, rust, dirt and grease from the item. If the item is shiny/slick, lightly sand it with sandpaper or steel wool for easier bonding of the paint to the item. Clean, rinse and let dry completely before spraying.

How do I apply COLORSHOT spray paint?

Shake the spray can vigorously for 1 minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. Seriously, 1 minute.  COLORSHOT is highly pigmented and performs best when the spray is fully mixed. Shake often during application to keep the color mixed.

Hold the can 6”-10” from the surface of your item and spray in smooth, even strokes. Apply 1 coat at a time, waiting a few minutes between coats.

Recoat within 1 hour or after 24 hours. The spray dries to the touch in only 10 minutes, and is fully cured in 24 hours.

How do I prevent clogs in the spray nozzle?

If the valve clogs, pull the spray top off and rinse with a solvent such as mineral spirits. Do not stick a pin or other object into the valve.

After you’re done spraying, to clear the valve and prevent clogging, turn the can upside down and spray for another 5 seconds or until no color comes out. Wipe off the nozzle before storing any leftover spray paint.

How long do I wait between applying coats of spray paint?

For best coverage, apply one light coat at a time, waiting a few minutes in between coats.

Why is the paint spurting out of the nozzle?

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint is highly pigmented, especially the darker shades. That’s why it is very important to shake the can for at least 1 minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle before you start applying paint. Shake the can often during application to keep the color mixed.

Do I have to use primer on my item before spray painting?

Use our COLORSHOT Primer if you want to smooth out a blemished surface. The primer helps maximize the spray adhesion and color vibrancy, especially if you apply a light color over a dark color. We also recommend COLORSHOT primer for furniture pieces to seal the wood before applying color.

How is COLORSHOT different from other spray paints?

COLORSHOT features an acrylic-based paint formula instead of an alkyd formula like most other spray paints. Alkyd formulas often require toxic drying agents to fully cure, and since COLORSHOT is an acrylic paint formula, it does NOT contain toxic drying agents. It also dries to the touch in just 10 minutes!

Since COLORSHOT is an acrylic spray paint, is it nontoxic?

All spray paints have chemicals – including COLORSHOT. But COLORSHOT is made WITHOUT xylene, benzene and toluene – three of the chemicals found in a lot of spray paints that have the most harmful long-term effects. As with all spray paints, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area while spray painting.

How long does it take COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint to dry?

The COLORSHOT acrylic spray paint formula dries to the touch in 10 minutes.

Why does my spray painted item feel tacky to the touch?

There are a couple of factors that could delay the dry and cure time. If you applied the paint with a heavy spray coat or you live in a humid area, the dry time may be affected. If you’re working in these conditions, wait at least one hour in between applying each coat to allow the paint to fully dry.

Make sure you’re holding the can 6-10 inches away from the surface while spraying; holding the can closer than that can cause heavier paint application and pooling. If it has been more than 72 hours since the last coat of paint was applied, you can try rubbing talcum powder over the painted area, and then wipe off the excess with a damp cloth.

What do I do with my empty aerosol can?

Contact your local county government for proper disposal instructions, as regulations vary from state to state.

Why should I use COLORSHOT spray paint?

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint has a wide selection of beautiful colors in a hard-working formula. The sleek can design is easy to grip and gives you more control. The grooved spray actuator fits around your finger comfortably to reduce fatigue while spraying.


The spray propellant is derived from harvested sugarcane instead of petroleum, so you can feel good about using a formula made with a sustainable resource. Each can covers 26-30 square feet, depending on the color.

Why is using sugarcane to make the COLORSHOT formula important?

We’re glad you asked! Our propellant is derived from sugarcane, and sugarcane is a sustainable resource, meaning we aren’t using something from the earth that’s not replenishable to make this paint. Note: the COLORSHOT propellant started as sugarcane, but it is now in a chemical form, so it is not safe to ingest.

Can I spray COLORSHOT spray paint indoors?

Because this is an aerosol spray, it's best to spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. You should also avoid spraying outdoors if it's too dusty or windy.

Can I spray paint metal?

Yes. You will need to prep the metal surface to remove any rust, dirt or grease from the surface. Lightly sand the surface and wipe away any dust. If there is any chance the old paint contains lead, do not sand. Contact the National Lead Information Hotline at 1.800.424.LEAD (5323) or visit their website for proper preparation.

How do I remove spray paint from my skin with no chemicals?

Mix together 1 cup granulated sugar with 1/2 cup softened coconut oil or olive oil. You can also add your favorite essential oils for a spa-like experience. Apply the sugar scrub to wet skin and scrub paint from skin. Store extra scrub in an airtight container.

How do I remove overspray?

While this spray is formulated to be opaque and permanent, you can remove some overspray with mineral spirits (follow the safety instructions on the label and wash your hands thoroughly to avoid irritation).

Can I spray paint plastic?

Yes, our formula works on most plastics, except PP (polypropylene) plastic.

Can I spray paint wood?

COLORSHOT works great on wood and is an easy way to add color to wood items. Lightly sand the surface to open up the wood grain and wipe down with a damp rag. Let the surface dry completely before you spray paint. We also recommend using COLORSHOT Primer to prepare furniture pieces to seal the wood and make the finish more durable.

Can I spray paint mirrors?

COLORSHOT easily adheres to glass surfaces, including mirrors.

Can I spray paint furniture?

Yes, spray paint is even easier than brushing for hard-to-reach areas. If your furniture is wood, we recommend using our COLORSHOT Primer to seal the wood before adding color. Lightly sand the piece with fine sandpaper and wipe the piece down with a damp rag. Make sure the surface is dry completely before applying our Primer.

Can I use stencils with spray paint?

Absolutely! Stencils are an easy way to spray on a pattern or design. Be sure to block off surrounding areas to avoid overspray. When spray painting over stencils, apply several light coats instead of one heavy coat for best results.

Can I spray paint fabric?

No, this paint is meant for hard surfaces and is not formulated to remain soft and flexible for use on fabrics. We recommend Tulip Fabric Spray Paint for your fabric projects (