Halloween Decor DIY: Witch Brooms

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIY: Witch Brooms

Witch-themed costumes and decor are a Halloween tradition in our minds, and you can either go the super scary route, or the cute "Hocus Pocus" kind of witch route. This year we're vibing with the latter for our Halloween Decor DIYs, so we couldn't pass up these fun witch brooms made by our friend @citygirlmeetsfarmboy using COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints. Read on to see how easy it is to turn ordinary brooms into the perfect Halloween porch decorations with spray paint and ribbons. 

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints (this project features Silver Lining, Black Tie Affair, Orange Slice)

- Straw brooms

- Painter's tape

- Halloween ribbons

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIYs: Witch Brooms

Make sure your broom handles are clean and free of dust. Spray each with several light coats of Silver Lining, letting dry between coats. Once completely dry, wrap painter's tape in a spiral around each handle from top to bottom. For one of the brooms, spray several light coats of Orange Slice over the tape openings, letting dry between coats. When you are happy with the coverage, remove tape and let dry. Repeat on other broom with Black Tie Affair.

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIYs: Witch Brooms

Cover handles with protective plastic to protect from overspray, and spray straw portion of brooms with Black Tie Affair. Let dry then tie festive Halloween ribbons around the straw.

COLORSHOT Halloween Decor DIYs: Witch Brooms

What trick-or-treater wouldn't want to stop by this porch?! Clearly you have great taste! (In Halloween Decor DIYs but probably in candy too.)

Get the product for this project

Silver Lining (Silver Metallic)

An optimistic upgrade.

Black Tie Affair (Black)

Add a touch of class.

Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.