Hydro-Dipped Shoes

Hydro-Dipped Shoes

You’ve seen these cool, swirly shoe designs floating around the internet, but did you know that you can create that marbled look at home with a method called hydro dipping? It’s a great way to personalize your wardrobe or create a perfectly unique gift to that special someone. Grab a pair of Crocs or white canvas shoes and COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint, then follow these steps to start making your one-of-a-kind kicks. The process is simple, but we suggest practicing on some cheap shoes before moving on to more expensive ones. Trial and error are your friends!

What you need:

-       COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paintin your favorite colors

-       COLORSHOT Clear Sealer

-       White canvas shoes or Crocs

-       Plastic bin filled with water (big enough to fully dip shoe without spillage)

-       Safety mask

-       Gloves

-       Painter’s tape

-       Craft knife

-       Acetone

Choose your shoes

Choose your shoes

Make sure to work outside in an open space and wear a protective mask and gloves. Start by taping the part of your shoes you won’t want dyed and trimming the tape with your craft knife. If you’re using Crocs, you can remove the strap as well. Crocs have a slick plastic surface, so you’ll want to use acetone to wipe them down before painting them. This will strip away the factory finish coating and allow the paint to adhere to the shoe.

Fill bin with water

Fill bin with water

Fill a bin with room temperature water. Choose your favorite colors of COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint and spray in the water to create a unique swirl pattern.

Dip shoes in paint/water mixture

Dip shoes in paint/water mixture

Once you’re happy with the desired effects of the paint in the water, slowly dip your shoes. It’s best to dip at a near 45-degree angle. You can start with the tip of the shoe and slowly work your way in. It is important to dip the shoes completely and then quickly clean the surface and wipe away the rest of the paint.

Let shoes dry and apply sealer

Let shoes dry and apply sealer

Allow your painted shoes to dry completely. Once dry, spray with a generous amount of COLORSHOT Clear Sealer.

Peel off tape

Peel off tape

Peel off the tape and your new hydro-dipped shoes are ready to step into the world!

How are you using COLORSHOT to customize your kicks? Show us your colorful creations on social @MyColorshot!

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