Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

Sure, you can wrap gifts in the same paper everyone else is using this year (yawn), or you can put your game face on and wrap gifts in paper that's cooler than the presents. Create your own custom gift wrap in colors that POP under the tree with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint! It's fast, easy and a fun way to let your crowd know that you've just claimed the new title of gift wrapping queen/king from your Aunt Sue. For an extra personal touch, spray paint coordinating monogram letters instead of using traditional gift tags to take your creative flair all the way to the top. Get the tutorial from Pretty Life Girls and get to it - Christmas is just around the corner!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (Orange Slice, Cosmo and Extra Guacamole used here)

- Plain white wrapping paper

- Wood letters

- Coordinating ribbon

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

Cut sections of wrapping paper large enough for wrapping gifts. (It helps to know what gifts you plan on wrapping with each color you're using.) Most likely you'll want to paint outside since you'll need a good amount of room. Cover your work area with plastic or heavy paper to protect from paint.

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

Spray a light coat of your desired color onto the paper. Let dry and add another coat if needed to achieve the opacity you're looking for.

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

Once you're finished spraying your sections of paper, spray your wood monogram letters to match. Spray several light coats at a time instead of one heavy coat for best results. Let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

Once everything has completely dried, it's time to wrap those gifts!

COLORSHOT Monogram Custom Gift Wrap

They're almost too pretty to open ... almost.

Get the product for this project

Orange Slice (Orange)

A slice of sweetness.

Cosmo (Fuchsia)

It's five o'clock somewhere.

Extra Guacamole (Avocado)

Because more is better.