Rustic Coffee Station Makeover: Mug Holder

COLORSHOT Coffee Station Makeover: Mug Holder

There's nothing more annoying in the morning than not having a clean mug ready and waiting to be filled with some hot coffee so you can get that caffeine jolt ASAP. And since we're talking about rustic farmhouse coffee station makeovers at the moment - you know, like upgrading from just having your coffeepot on the counter to an actual functional station that works - a mug holder is a great addition to your coffee station. Never again go a minute more without your caffeine than you need to by having your mugs stacked and waiting to serve. Any old mug holder you find will do, because you can easily transform it like Grey Birch Designs did with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint. Read on for the before and after, and to get ideas for your own rustic farmhouse coffee station makeover!

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (Lucky Penny shown here)

- Mug holder

COLORSHOT Coffee Station Makeover: Mug Holder - before

Any colored mug holder will do, because you're gonna change it with COLORSHOT! Just find the shape you like (for cheap) and then get out your spray paint. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area, as always when using spray paints.

COLORSHOT Coffee Station Makeover: Mug Holder - before

Spray several light coats of Lucky Penny (or desired color) onto the mug holder. Once you're happy with the coverage, let dry completely.

COLORSHOT Coffee Station Makeover: Mug Holder - before

Stack some cute coffee mugs in your new holder that matches your rustic farmhouse coffee station makeover, and never go on the hunt for a clean mug again! How will you set up your new coffee station?

Get the product for this project

Lucky Penny (Rose Gold Metallic)

Feels like good fortune.