Upcycled Candlesticks

COLORSHOT Upcycled Candlesticks

Not as much of a necessity as they were in say, 1740, candlesticks these days are more of a decorative item; they truly add an elegant touch to tables, fireplace mantles, wedding decor and so much more! If you want the guests at your dinner party to know without a shadow of a doubt that you're the classiest hostess they know, get out the candlesticks and get ready to impress. And since you're the classiest party thrower around, you'll want to make sure that your candlesticks don't clash with the rest of your party table (can you imagine the gossip if they did?!). Easily upcycle your candlesticks to match your decor in the short span of an afternoon - or even the day of your party - with one of the many colors of COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint, which dries to the touch in just 10 minutes. Your secret is safe with us.

What you need:

- COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used Lucky Penny)

- Candlesticks

Candlesticks BEFORE.

Make sure your candlesticks are clean and free of any dust. If they're made from a shiny metal, you'll want to use the COLORSHOT Primer first before adding color.

COLORSHOT Upcycled Candlesticks

Spray paint candlesticks with desired color, spraying several light coats and letting dry in between coats. Easy peasy.

COLORSHOT Upcycled Candlesticks

Whether for a dinner party, wedding table centerpiece or just yourself because you're classy like that, these candlesticks are so simple to upcycle with spray paint for stunning results.

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Lucky Penny (Rose Gold Metallic)

Feels like good fortune.